On 4th June , the President of the Chamber of Commerce Poland-Asia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy 2012-2015, Janusz Piechociński visited our warehouse and headquarters. The main goal and mission of the Chamber is to bring together and associate both small and large companies and to expand their business contacts and access to the latest information on important economic events in Poland and worldwide. MBB is a member of the Poland-Asia Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 3rd March  2020.

President Piechociński had a solemn meeting with the MBB Logsitcs management on the 10th anniversary of the company, and then visited the warehouse, observing with interest what our warehouse processes look like. He was very impressed with MBB Logistics, claiming that we are the national leader in fulfillment.

Establishing cooperation with the Poland-Asia Chamber was a great idea and bodes well for the future. The joint meeting only strengthened our membership in the Chamber, thus opening up a number of new possibilities for us.