Marcin Jabłoński, member of the board of the Lubuskie Province, hosted on Friday, June 14 this year. Gao Songa, general director of MBB Logistics, who invests in the Exeter Park Słubice logistics center. – We support the implementation of modern technologies – said M. Jabłoński. – Cooperation with China is very important to us.

MBB Logistic is one of the largest logistics companies in Europe, addressed to online marketers. It secures and sends over 5 million parcels every year. – The headquarters in Słubice enables us to shorten the delivery time from Poland to Western Europe, which we really care about – said Gao Song. – We’ve been here for 9.5 years and I have to say that I like Poland more and more. In our factory, a large part of the work is automated and performed by robots. We also implement elements of artificial intelligence, but at the same time we want to employ more people and create new jobs. We are very happy about the increasingly frequent contacts with China – emphasized M. Jabłoński. – Yesterday (on Thursday, June 13) a group of our entrepreneurs returned from the mission in the province of Guangzhou. Their relationship shows that the visit was very promising and made it possible to establish interesting contacts.

M. Jabłoński declared to the MBB Logistic general director far-reaching assistance from the province’s board, within the limits of the self-government’s competences. – We are pleased with the recent opening of the new hall in Słubice and we hope that a few more will be created – he announced.

In conversations with Gao Song and his associates M. Jabłoński were accompanied by: Marek Kamiński, director of the Department of Regional Programs and Sławomir Kotylak, director of the Department of Infrastructure and Communication of the Lubuski Marshall Office.,news-bootstrap/