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M.B.B Logistics has been focusing on “cross-border parcel last mile delivery solution” for Sino-European e-commerce business for years. M.B.B. Logistics dedicates to support online businesses with the best services and competitive delivery rates.

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With high-quality warehousing facilities up to 46,500 m2 storage capacity (more capacity under construction), M.B.B. Logistics secures the cargo in safe storage facilities.

With WMS and OMS systems M.B.B. Logistics ensures good order processing.

Pick and Pack

Parcels will be picked upon shipment instruction and packed properly to assure smooth delivery.


Parcels will be delivered to the customer within 48 hours in the European Union, through MBB Logistics partners as DHL DE, DHL PL, DPD, EMS PL and GLS.

Retoure management


Efficient returns are your and your client’s satisfaction from the level of services offered. We provide you with the help of a dedicated guardian who will help you efficiently and transparently carry out the process of return, complaint or re-sending a missed parcel.


Selling to European customers and operating parcels locally. Responding to order immediately.


Benefited by reasonable labor cost and investment expense in Poland, M.B.B. Logistics would like to share these advantages with e-commerce business companies.


Thanks to professional WMS and especially diligent staff, M.B.B. Logistics operates with the best pick and pack and labeling, to dispatch parcels safely and in the right order to the customer.


The parcels are to be delivered to the customer within 24/48 hours to countries of the European Union. The customer satisfaction is always a top priority.


The best rates and a complex logistic channel to add value even to the last mile, not only for cost control but also for supply chain optimization.


to Germany
7,90 zł

rate for

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30 days





Fulfillment is the delegation of all logistics tasks / obligations of an online store to an external company. Such services include:

  1. Inbound, checking the goods and placing them on the shelves
  2. Pick and pack – when the final customer makes a purchase ? we remove the goods from the shelf, pack them in an appropriate, secure way and send, consisting of handing the packages to the carrier chosen by the customer.
  3. Returns handling – receiving, recording and reporting to customers parcels that for various reasons did not reach the addressee.
  4. After-sales service – customer service.


Thanks to using fulfillment services, e-shop owners do not have to deal with the more difficult part of online sales, i.e. all activities around packages such as packaging, sending and handling returns. Cooperation with a fulfillment service provider such as MBB Logistics allows you to work from anywhere – all you need is internet access. Full remote control over stocks, deliveries, orders or returns as well as automatic integration with the store saves a lot of time which can translate into faster development of the online store and acquiring new customers.





Fulfilment by MBB Logistics


Fulfilment by MBB is a full services model- from inbound to handling returns. MBB Logistics prefers a flexible approach to customer needs. The wide range combined with openness to customer requirements make us an excellent business partner for diverse; small and large online stores.


Our advantages:

– 10 years on the market / over 5 million parcels sent annually

– geographical location: one location-domestic shipment for two markets (PL and DE). This is one and only place on the map of polish fulfillment – shipping in Poland reaches the end customer in Germany within 24 hours

– same day pick and pack

– Amazon / Amazon Prime / Ebay Plus shipping

– efficient returns handling

– automatic connection via API with various sales systems

– fast and easy onboarding

– full automation of the sales and accounting process

– possibility of cooperation with various e-commerce entities.

– We provide the customer with full control of inventory and orders – an Internet browser is enough for full access

– The possibility of cooperation with small and large online stores – we do not have a minimum quantity of orders to start cooperation

– Latest updates – new types of online stores or couriers are added from automatically without any additional cost.

– Customer service helping to implement the after-sales tasks of the store (delivery times, POD- proof of delivery, special customer wishes regarding the stored goods)

– IT help – from full and free integration with the store to automate the transmission of orders and  implementation of new solutions streamlining the entire process;

Advantages of MBB Logistics

Modern logistic center on the Polish-German border

46.500 m2 storage area

We cooperate with Polish and German courier companies.

 Service available in the languages Polish, German, English and Chinese.


What is OMS?

OMS stand for order management system – designed for e-commerce companies to manage orders and track shipments online, improve operation efficiency, integrate warehousing, order and parcel delivery into the supply chain.


Advantages of OMS?

-order management

-parcel tracking


How can we know what we should send?

Because all products have a barcode. If your products don’t have a barcode, we can help you to label them. That’s why we always know the exact location and what you want to send.

How are the goods stored in the warehouse?

The M.B.B. warehouse has over 46.500 m2. Your goods are stored on special shelves or pallets on the higher shelves.

How do we pack the goods?

Depending on your needs, we can pack your products in bubble envelopes, cartons or send it on pallets. Our parcels always meet the requirements of the courier companies.

How do we secure the goods?

We always make every effort, that your product will be properly secured and delivered to the client without any damages.


Which courier companies are we cooperating with?

We cooperate with Polish and German courier companies like DHL Poland, UPS Poland, DHL Germany, UPS Germany, GLS Germany, DPD Germany, Deutsche Post, ILOXX and Poczta Polska.

How fast can we deliver the products to Germany?

M.B.B. has two warehouses: one in Słubice and the other in Frankfurt Oder. Our strong point is the location. Lead time of delivery to Poland and Germany is 24 hours.

We take absolute responsibility for parcel packing and delivery. If something goes not according to plan, we will take care of your return and respond to your complaint as quickly as possible.

Warehouse is insured under commercial insurance.

Cargo is insured under commercial insurance.

We would like to kindly inform you that you should contact the seller regarding the return, complaint or exchange of goods. M.B.B. Logistics deals only with storage and dispatch of goods. To obtain information about the status of the shipment, please also contact the seller or courier. Contact details to the seller can be found on the sales platform or online store where the purchase was made.
Please also note that we do not have authorization to provide contact details of our contractors.